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Pinto Technologies ltd is a leading agency in the plastic and recycling industry.



 Plastic Machinery Recycling            
 Extruders, twin screw extrudersCity waste, Indusrtial waste        
 Pipes and profile lines Shredders for all types of waste
Thermoforming machines and complete lines Metal and plastic sorting
 compoundingEddy current, magnets, NIR sorting

Machinery for plastic, recycling, waste sorting.

Complete production lines for plastic production. 

Consulting in plastics – materials, processing.

Recycling equipment's, developments and new technologies.

Waste handling and recycling equipment.

Extruders - Single screw extruder, twin screw extruder.

Waste sorting lines for: RDF, SRF.

Washing lines and equipment for recycling plastic.

Pinto Technologies ltd